Cant login, no dashboard and cant edit pages


Three months ago I built a new version of a current site in a new directory /dev1 with a fresh install of C5 and new add-ons. Once approved I updated the .htaccess and index.php files in the root directory to point to /dev1/blah and everything was great. The site worked well.

I haven't touched the site since but I've just been asked to make a few changes and I cant login. Well I can, but only if I tick the 'remember me' box and then I have a blank dashboard. I can then access the dashboard if it add '/index.php/dashboard' to the URL but from there I can do very little.

If I bring up the full sitemap and select properties, or design, or versions on any page I get 'access denied'.

I've cleared (and turned off the cache), I've replaced the footer with the default footer.php in case my modified version was causing trouble, but there is no difference. I turned off pretty url's and now it wont turn on again. Or rather it updates the .htaccess file but the site still shows the full url.

I've spent hours searching the forums and google and have found lots of people with the similar problems but no solutions, at least for me.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what can I do from here ?


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robodev replied on at Permalink Reply
What version C5, PHP, what OS? Is this a LAMP or WAMP?

Is the database on the same server?

Overall getting 'access denied' sounds like some permissions got hosed on the server somewhere or the ownership of some critical files changed.

I would start digging into php and apache logs.

And not to overlook the obvious, but for me the whole 5.6 editing engine will not work 100% properly on Firefox on Linux, but works like a champ on Chrome/Win7.
martyyyn replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Robodev,

PHP: 5.4.35 (which was recently updated on my host)
OS: Both W8 and W7, using Chrome, FF and IE11

I think the database is on the same server, I'm not sure. I just use a reseller account on JoneSolutions for a couple of small sites.

As I've just seen the PHP was recently updated, checking with my host should be the first stop really shouldn't it ?

robodev replied on at Permalink Reply
Wait, if PHP was updated, perhaps the php.ini settings are messed up?

If they changed from php 5.2 to 5.3, for example, I believe the php.ini is in a different directory, and also, just to confuse things, there are typically php.ini files in multiple places.

From your cPanel I would double check to make sure your php.ini is correct, and also make sure it's in the correct place.

For example, concrete5 needs:
cgi.fix_pathinfo = 1 in php.ini

there, and of course the ini file needs to be in correct place.

If the login fails, but remember-me works, the question would be are there multiple users setup? (both admin and non-admin?)

If somehow the browser had a non-admin user cached, that would limit your ability to edit or maybe somehow hose the admin user access. Be sure to clear cache/cookies of browser first.

I would attempt to change admin password, see if the login gets working properly, for starters.

The admin userid/password are, of course in the database (hashed). If it were my server the first stop would be to use PHPmyadmin to look at database to see for myself what users are setup for C5.