Cant move block in a page


I cant move block in a page.
When i select a block (gray area) and click move link, the blocks transform as when you are in move mode, but it looks like i cant get the 4 arrows locator to appear and drag and drop the block.

I'm looking for the MOVE selector to give him a z-index more high.

Or maybe you have another solution.

Thanks in advance


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stewblack23 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Chris

If I understand correctly you are trying to move a block, but it will not drop into a content area. And you think this is a z-index issue?
chrismodlao replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes exactly.
And i try to find the MOVE selector of concrete5 to give a more high index.
Or any other solution.

Thanks in advance

stewblack23 replied on at Permalink Reply
Do you have a custom theme? Odds are your themes css styles are interfering with the C5 UI css. I had this problem with a recent project and z-index did not fix the problem. Had to redo my css a little and and updated one of the javascript libraries I was using and the problem went away.

If you need help tracking it down would be glad to help.
rritz replied on at Permalink Reply
I experience the same issue quite often
Gondwana replied on at Permalink Reply
I fear that changing the z-index will only result in cosmetic changes; it won't make it work. I suspect interference from custom CSS or JS. Can you comment out customisations to check?
chrismodlao replied on at Permalink Reply

I did try removing all my custom CSS and JS from my own template and i still cant move the block.

Could you please tell me the CSS selector for the move funtion of concrete5.
I want to give a try to this ?

c5dragon replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Things to check:
- z-index of the container
- transitions on block / links
.editmode a{

<ul class="ccm-edit-mode-inline-commands ccm-ui">
  <a data-inline-command="move-block" href="#" style="user-select: none;" class="">
    <i class="fa fa-arrows"></i>

When selected / active
<a data-inline-command="move-block" href="#" style="user-select: none;" class="pep-active pep-start">
chrismodlao replied on at Permalink Reply
@c5dragon : Thanks for this dude.

I will give a tray and let you know.