Cant see the send message link in profile pages


Apologies for too many posts but I have my members profiles showing but only the admin has the sidebar list of Edit, Avatar, Messages, Friends,
and I cant see a send message link anywhere.

Also all the other members don't even have the sidebar list they just have 'Add to My Friends'.

I have given All Registered Users ALL permissions but nothing has changed and I still cant see a send message link or get the other users to have the proper sidebar list.



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codingpenguins replied on at Permalink Reply
It is in this post. Follow the directions: (make the new attribute for messages)

Make sure to move the current users to 'yes' to have this attribute or it will still not work. New users will see it by default, but all the current users will have it 'no' or '' as default.

I wanted to know so I figured it out just now and got this working. Hope this helps
nige replied on at Permalink Reply
I will be road testing all this in the next few days and it is excellent help thanks very much.