Centering an image in a "Feature" block

Hey folks,

John here, noob... Working with c5mix's luminosity theme, and i'm trying to figure 2 things out. site address is

1.) How do I center an image in the feature block?

2.) How do I add Text there if I wish?

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Adreco replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Hey juanzo007,
In edit mode, select the block and choose Design instead of Edit. The alignment option is what you need to select center. To add text, either add another block or... use a content block instead of an image block for your display
( see for an example using a centered slideshow and a content block added to title )
juanzo007 replied on at Permalink Reply
Bro - thank you. Actually, it was an image block i added, and it still wouldn't center for some reason. I deleted it, put in a content block, and centered it with the editor. Couldn't have done it without ya!

Man, I beat my head against the wall on that one - gotta remember to simply give it a fair effort, then just post it on the forum.