Change Content on Page Type Default Permissions

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I seem to only be able to Edit my Page Type Defaults in 5.5.1 if I am loggged in as SuperAdmin. As just an Administrator.. I get no editing boxes when placed in Edit mode.

Under the Permission Tasks there is a YES/NO to edit content on Page Type Defaults.. which is set to YES for Administrators.. but still no luck.. I have tested on 2 of my sites, one is 5.5.0 and the other 5.5.1..

Any suggestions/fixes or something I am not doing??

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
jolly replied on at Permalink Reply

The permission is already set to yes.. is this what you were referring to?
Kiesel replied on at Permalink Reply
Just open the page type defaults of the page type you want to have access to (e.g right_sidebar or left_sidebar).

When you have it open hover over the "edit" button and choose the "permissions". Now just activate the checkboxes for the administrator group for edit and view permissions.

After this you will be able to see the boxes when in edit mode and you will be able to add/delete blocks into it.
velocityboy replied on at Permalink Reply
Fantastic! Just found this answer and it worked a treat. You sir, are magnificent.
joemc replied on at Permalink Reply
I am still having this same issue. I am logged in as a Super User but I can't edit Page Type Defaults.

When I open the the Page Type Default there is no Edit Button to set the permissions with... there isn't an Admin Bar to do anything with.
rmccubbing replied on at Permalink Reply
I am having a similar issue, Logged in as Super and can not edit default pages. I do get the edit menu but there is nothing in it. Any solutions?
mhawke replied on at Permalink Reply
Sounds like a JavaScript error halting the page before it can render the edit menu. Try right-clicking on the page and choosing 'Inspect Element' and then look at the 'Console' tab for errors.

If that shows no errors, try right-clicking and choose 'View Source' and scrolling down to the bottom to see if there's any errors showing. You might have to go to "Dashboard->System and Settings->Debug Settings" and turn on "Show errors on page" in order to see the errors.