Change Redactor font color presets

Hey, I want to change this set of colors to colors of my theme (see attached screenshot), so manager could use them easily. How can I do this?
Also, quick question - why can't I choose a font color for h1-h5 elements?

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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply 2 Attachments
Hi MaestroMagnifico,

The font color presets are hard coded into the Redactor JavaScript. Adding or removing them requires overriding the redactor.js.

Overriding redactor.js:
- download the attached zip file
- navigate to your application folder
- unzip the file into application
- open redactor.js
- on line 1661, there is a JavaScript array of colors in hexadecimal format
- you can add or remove colors in this array

It turns out you can add a font color for heading elements, but it requires careful text selection. See attached screenshot. Applying the color may affect a previous element's styling which may require reapplying the style.
MaestroMagnifico replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks, I already figured this out.) But I still can't change color of heading elements no matter what. I add css-classes on blocks for this.

Why developers decided to use Redactor in the first place? It's so glitchy. CKEditor is way better. I just done my first project on C5, maybe for next one I'll find a way to replace Redactor to CKEditor.
MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply

The upcoming version 8 of concrete5 will be using CKEditor.

When concrete5 5.7 was being developed, I believe there were a limited number of rich text editors that supported in-context editing. Of those, Redactor was likely the best choice. Two plus years later, there are now more options for editors with in-context editing support. The best option appears to be CKEditor now.
MaestroMagnifico replied on at Permalink Reply