Change text of "File Upload" button in form

Hi all
I'm setting up a new page for a German-speaking client, and I just added a form for his employees to upload files to the admin. Now, I changed the "Submit" button to German "Abschicken", but I can't find the value for either the "Choose File" button or the text next to it, "No file chosen".

Where do I find / edit those values?

Thank you!

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boomgraphics replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello, unfortunately the file upload button is off limits for customization, and it isn't a concrete5 issue. Browsers don't allow you to directly modify the file upload button, so you are limited to whatever the browser has as a default. It's for security, I guess.

However, there is a workaround, and the easy way involves javascript.

Go here:
and get the script at the bottom of the page. It will add the elements to the field so you can style it. I recommend reading the whole page, so you know what it is doing.

The harder way would be to modify the block itself so it adds the additional html required to trick the browser, but then that method has some other quirks that the javascript would take care of.

Good luck! :-)
boomgraphics replied on at Permalink Reply
I just realized that since the default text is browser specific, if your german client is using a german translated browser or OS, then the default text would likely be in german already. I don't speak anything but English though, so I don't know for sure...

It would be worth checking out though.