Change Auto Nav Font Color

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I am loving C5, and I'm building a new personal website (I'm a songwriter).

I know almost nothing about php but can follow directions :)

I already successfully fixed an mp3 upload problem with the the help of the good people on the forums.

Here's my new challenge.
If I use a black background the font on the auto nav bar is very hard to read.
Changing the font color in the pages and themes menu doesn't change the color on the nav bar.

Here is an example of what I'm talking about.

What can I do to change this?
Changing the links color doesn't do it either.

Thanks for any help.

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pihead replied on at Permalink Reply
I just noticed that the nav bar font isn't too dark on the about page.

chunksmurray replied on at Permalink Reply
You can edit the styles for the navigation in the theme's CSS file.

In your CSS, there is this entry:

#page #central #sidebar ul.nav a{ text-decoration:none; color:#333 }

If you change the 'color' entry, say to white, this will make it easier to read.
pihead replied on at Permalink Reply
Got it!
Thank you so much.

For other newbies like myself this is exactly where I found the css file.
chunksmurray replied on at Permalink Reply
that file is part of the core concrete directory, so if you upgrade to a newer version you will most like lose the changes you have made.

Users themes are placed in /themes, as these are never removed. These themes can be downloaded, or ones you create yourself.

I'm not sure what the best solution here as, as you are using one of the default themes. Might be better to make a copy of the theme you are using, make you modifications, rename it, upload to /themes and install via the dashboard.

Any one have any thoughts on this?
ScottC replied on at Permalink Reply
if you update outside the core directory and the file structure and name match it will overwrite the core in any case I have come across.

I have tested this with anything ran through the loader method for supported methods, themes and blocks automagically :)

I would like to see an all encompassing file helper that always looks DIR_BASE + DIR_REL first then if a file doesn't exist there then load DIR_BASE DIR_REL + whatever the concrete directory constant is named.

But yeah the general idea is to override files by placing them outside the concrete directory in the site structure "template" if you will.

Just an opinion.
conrad replied on at Permalink Reply
It would be nice to be able to do this in edit mode though instaed of messing around with the css code
MatthewSchenker replied on at Permalink Reply
I was having the same problem, and this discussion got me looking at the right direction.

However, I found that the following line in the main.css file is the one that actually controls the nav font color in the Plain Yogurt theme (in the example below, the color is set to black):
#page #header ul.nav-header li a,#page #header ul.nav-header li a:hover{ text-decoration:none; color:#000000 }

malthoff replied on at Permalink Reply
Does this also works for packages? I could not make it work to override the css of a package. For example your css files for the blog add-on. this might work for themes and blocks but not for packages. am i wrong?
LWR replied on at Permalink Reply
I have found the information on this link helpful. I pasted the html info into the CSS withing Page/Themes>Customize>Add to CSS. Though the color has changed in the preview of the Page/Themes page there is no change to the color in the Nav bar on any of the pages. I'm wanting to change the color of the Home, About, ect that allows the visitor to go to other pages. Does it make a difference that the site isn't published yet?
Here is the code I'm entering:
#page #header ul.nav-header li a,#page #header ul.nav-header li a:hover{ text-decoration:none; color:#000000 }
glowvolt replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi everyone!

I need to do the same thing about the colour of the text in the auto-nav.

I'll try to do what has been said here.

Thanks guys!
waltbx replied on at Permalink Reply
Simple. But not easy to find.
Dashboard/Pages& Themes/Customize/Link
Change color then OK/Save

Also change Link Hover if you want.

This did it for me.