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Simple question. It must have been asked 100 times here, yet the search engine yields no results.

How do I change the frickin header image in the default theme??

Thanks. ;)


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argvader replied on at Permalink Reply
Do you mean the tree image that has innerOptics.Net in the left bottom corner?
DonDeMaio replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
No, I mean the grove of trees like the enclosed attachment that, while beautiful, isn't appropriate for my site.

Plus, it keeps changing on every page. I need to have one static image, say header.jpg, on every page.


frz replied on at Permalink Reply
goto dashboard > pages & types > defaults and make changes to your page templates there
DonDeMaio replied on at Permalink Reply
Say what? Are you talking about Concrete 5? I don't see "Pages and types," altho there is something called "Pages and themes," but when I click on that I don't see anything called "defaults."

However, I found the answer on this page:

frz replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Pages and Themes>
Page Types>
hit the Default button.

that's the stuff that will show up on every new page you make of that type..
yamamax replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello Don, I had to deal with this issue as well.

You must use an FTP Software such as Filezilla.

I choose the Orange Sunset theme. Then drilled down in your root directory.


In the style directory, you will find the logo.jpg.

This jpg is 760 w x 100 h. What I did was changed my file to those dimensions and saved it to logo.jpg. I then renamed the original logo.jpg to logo1.jpg.

Then moved my logo.jpg.

If you refresh your webpage, you will see your logo.

Hope this helps.
perchslayer replied on at Permalink Reply

Apparently, some folks want to keep this a secret as it has been moved to a "private" area. Could you please share with me how to change the set of rotating images on the default theme ?
LucasAnderson replied on at Permalink Reply
No one is trying to keep this a secret. A quick search resulted in finding this post, which walks you through changing the images on the Slideshow block.

It really is as easy as editing your site through the Concrete5 interface. Go to your page, put it into Edit Mode, click on the Slideshow block (header image) and Edit it.