Cleaning up my address bar by removing container pages


I want to clean up my extremely long links. I have prettyURLS turned on and that helps, but what doesn't help is that I am using pages as containers to create subdirectories for autonav and those containers translate into many subdirectories and long links:

site name/subdirectory/navcontainer/navcontainer/Page/SubPage

Id love to make this:

I've been trying to get a rewrite working to always remove the subdirectory listing after landing on the page. I have a thread open on that currently.I have also been making use of the location function on the sitemap. However, those two functions only are currently effecting the initial link (I type the short link in my browser and it works). It is not effecting the long link (I type in the short link and the short link stays in my browser address bar.

I am thinking there are multiple things in play here.

1. The rewrite conditions to permanatly make /cms2/ transparent.
2. A structure layout that shortens actual links to pages.

So I guess my question in this thread is this. Is there a way to use autonav (or maybe megamenu) to create automatic subdirectories without having to have page addresses to each level of container? Or, ami I missing something foudational to the way subdirectory containers work in C5?


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Take a look at the documentation pages:
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Thanks everyone. I'll take a look at setting canonical.
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I will defer my questions to this thread:

Thanks for the help.