Clonemetal Site ~ want an interactive chart

I am trying to recreate a website created with Drupal onto Concrete5 and doing well except for one chart. I have the latest version of Concrete5 as I just started. I am using the Clonemetal theme. The chart I am trying to recreate is at:

I do want one change to the chart. I want each interactive box to have a hover element that lets you know you can click it with a picture and then go to an explanation page.

So far I am using the Portfolio Gallery from Clonemetal for "Another Page" in my website. Yet when I create under Attributes Topics what I want for the chart, I cannot determine how to access it. All I keep getting are the Topics for the "Another Page".

Also, I do not know how to create the colored boxes that are found in the chart and imbed into them the interactive boxes. Help greatly appreciated. I am trying to help out my husband with his company.

Thank you!!!!
Enjoy your weekend.

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mesuva replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
If you're looking to recreate the chart exactly as it currently is, you could use our Responsive Image map add-on. This allows you to pick an image, draw on regions for the links and link them to pages or files:

You might be able to source the original SVG image that makes this chart, or the easiest thing is to just use a hi-res image version of the chart - I've attached an image of the chart to this post.

If you're needing something more dynamic than that, where when you hover the image changes, text appears, etc, we also have a more sophisticated version of this add-on developed, it's just not on the marketplace at this point. You're welcome to get in touch if you're interested in that - [email protected]