Concrete - Add Layout Feature Disabled

I've tried to look for solutions on this matter, but I simply can not find an answer. In Concrete, there is no option for 'Add Layout' so I can not add columns or grids to my site. Viewing the help documentation, this is what it says about the feature:

Some installs may have the layouts feature disabled, in that case, please ask whoever setup your site re-enable it.
After clicking the "Add Layout" button a popup will appear:

So, since I set it up and didn't change anything from the install, technically it 'should' be there but it is not appearing. How can I manually go in and re-enable this feature? Specific steps would really help. Thanks in advance!

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okapi replied on at Permalink Reply
Sorry if i misunderstood, but if you click on the label of an area, is there no option to add layout in the context menu?
peachio replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm sorry, I am completely new to using concrete and I just discovered that it only appears when you click on a container layout not just a regular block. Please excuse me! Thanks you.
okapi replied on at Permalink Reply
No problem, glad you found it!