Concrete site takes ages to load (Redirect problem?)


Our client's site ( is loading extremely slowly. In the beginning it was running very well, but after the client started using it more actively, it started to slow down rapidly. We've ran some diagnostics with and it shows that redirections take almost as long as 10 secs (first -->, then --> /fi and finally --> /etusivu), which is unforgivable slow. The cache is set "on" in Dashboard, redirections have been done in .htaccess and everything seems to be otherwise ok. Anyone else had this sort of problems?

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Jozzeh replied on at Permalink Reply
The htaccess redirect (from http to https) is pretty fast.
The redirects when it hits the homepage ( -> safetor subpage) is what is killing the load times.

Why :
The first redirects up until the homepage are done by htaccess .
These redirects happen before anything is loaded (and are pretty much instantly).

The homepage-redirect to a subpage is done by Concrete5.
For this redirect to happen, Concrete5 needs to load, check some stuff, and then redirect.

How :
The homepage is not the only page that is quite slow... Actually, browsing the website, I've noticed every page load is slow (10 seconds and more, and I am located near the datacenter in Paris).
I have tested from multiple locations in Europe and all locations took more than 5 seconds to complete.

When doing a reverse ip lookup, more than 150 domains are hosted on the same ip. So the website is probably hosted on a shared hosting formula unless you are a web-agency with your own VPS.

Conclusion :
I believe the hosting/server specs should be improved. Even though, the website is hosted at a very known hosting provider (OVH), that does not mean their hosting is the best/fastest.

Possible fix (shared hosting) :
I can't be sure but I think moving the website to a better hosting solution, might improve load and redirect times drastically. You can test this by taking a copy of the current website, and place it with a different hosting service and attaching a fake name.

Possible fix (VPS) :
I would have a look at the server load. If the server load is very high, improving RAM and CPU might fix the slow loading speeds. Also, you could test how fast the in- and out-going bandwidth is of the VPS.
Oddmob replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Jozzeh,

Thank you very much for your throughout reply. I've been suspecting the host end all the time, though they've been insisting it's not their server that is "laggy". I'll try your tips and post my results here as soon as possible.