Concrete5 database password - I don't remember it

I setup my C5 site probably 5 years ago or so, during installation you tell it the MySQL username and password. And so I did, and now I've forgotten what it is.

Well now I'm looking to change hosting providers, and so won't I need to know what that is? I mean I plan on uploading the database to the new webhost, but won't I have to create the database user and give it the same password for it to work?

Or am I not understanding something simple? Or is there a way to get the password? I have full access to the MySQL and phpmyadmin in the cPanel for my existing webhost...


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jelthure replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
it's located in your sites config file here:


the section you want is here:

define('DB_SERVER', 'localhost'); //you may or may not need to change this depending on how your host allows connections to you database
//you'll also need the below to make sure your admin login still works :)
define('PASSWORD_SALT', 'A long list of random letters and numbers');

after you export your MySQL database and import it to the new host mysql database everything "should" work. as long as you set up the new user with the same credentials as you old.

make sense?
dibbc replied on at Permalink Reply
Ah, OK - thanks!

So do I only have to import the database to the new webhost, or would I also upload via FTP all the files and folders in my site? Like all the folders like:

etc and all the other dozens of folders and file?

I have to upload them too right?
jelthure replied on at Permalink Reply
Correct upload all files from your current host to your new host. This link gives you the instructions: