Copy page erases design settings of blocks

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I copy whole pages I created as templates. The blocks in the pages have often been assigned CSS classes in the "Design" settings dialog of the blocks. When I copy the page that holds such blocks all CSS class assignments will be lost in the newly cloned version and have to be reassigned.

Is this a bug or did I take a wrong approach to templating in C5?

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jordanlev replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
This isn't a bug exactly, just the way concrete5 works (unfortunately). A better way to do this is with the Page Defaults (see ), but even with that your design won't get copied to other pages (it only copies the blocks, not their design).

If you're familiar with HTML and CSS, your best bet is to modify the stylesheet of your template so it styles the blocks appropriately in the first place. Otherwise, the only solution is to do it over and over again for every page (unfortunately).

tilm4nn replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for your thoughts!

I'm just looking into the page defaults and this seems to be a really great way to do templating :)

That copying blocks is leaving out the design is a pity though. I already coded this out to CSS to the most possible extend so that I use the design dialog only to set CSS classes. Its all about the Content block that in my case should have different borders and background colors depending on the content. CSS selectors are not as versatile as XPath, so I have to set the classes by hand. Maybe Custom Templates could fill the gap here but I have not had time to look into that by now.