Creating a download folder

Hello, I'd like to offer pdf documents for download. Where do I upload them on my server so they can be linked to a hyperlink in a web page and also what would be the path?

Thanks for you help


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wagdi replied on at Permalink Reply
I found these two add-ons.. haven't used them myself but maybe one of them can be of use to you-

List Files From Set- developed bymesuva

Concrete5 features file 'sets', that allow you to place uploaded files in groups for easy organisation.
This block allows you to select a file set, automatically displaying a list of the files within it for download.

For example, your site might include downloadable newsletters or forms that are regularly added to.
This block simply displays download links for items you place in the set, removing the need to edit pages directly.

With this block you can:

Order the files in several ways (including set order).
Hide or place in brackets the file extensions.
Tidy up the titles/filenames displayed by replacing underscores and changing case.
Optionally display the file size and date added for each file.
Automatically display the name of the file set.
Another thing you can do with this block is have it point to the latest file in a file list and override the title. In this way, you can place a link on a page that always points to the latest file in a set (e.g. 'latest version').

The default output of this block is a simple un-ordered list. It is intentionally un-styled, meaning it should fit in with most themes. Also included is a Custom Template that displays the list of files in a table format.

Custom templates for this block should be easy to create, making it able to display a list of files in any layout you wish.


Download Folder- developed bysascha

List all files from a folder on your server and make them available for download. (does not use concrete5's file manager)

demo available at:

infinityunit replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey thanks for the help.

Hum that seems a little too complicated and too fancy for what I want to do.

I think I may be guilty of not being clear enough with my question. sorry.

Basically, I just want to put pdf files on my server and manually make a link from images of text from my web site...

I actually tried and succeed doing that for a while for a few files, but something strange happened as if concrete has change the location of the file (or directory) on my server and put them to some place different...

When I click on the page from the web site, the links are still alive and work well. However, when I log on with ftp to my server, The pdf files I've uploaded are nowhere to be found... That's weird...

Given what I just mentioned, is this even possible with concrete5
mesuva replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
The idea with concrete5 is that you the inbuilt file manager to upload and select files for linking.

Log into your site, and find the file manager (in 5.4.x, you click on the Dashboard button first). There you can upload files, upload multiple files in one go and group them into 'sets'. There are also ways to upload with ftp to a directory first and have the file manager import files from that folder if you need that approach (big files, etc).

Then when you are editing content on a page, you can either add a File block to pick a file and provide a link, or if you are using a Content block, there is an option above the toolbar buttons to 'Add File'.

For your image linking, in the Content block you would highlight your image (or text) then click on the 'Add File' link. This opens up the file manager, where you either can upload a file or pick a file you have previously uploaded- by single left clicking on a file and selecting 'choose'.

Regarding the List Files From Set block that was mentioned above, this is when you have already uploaded files and grouped them in a set and want an easy way to have all the files linked on a page without having to continually go back and manually add the file links. I originally built it to list weekly newsletter pdfs. From what you have described, you probably aren't needing this.
infinityunit replied on at Permalink Reply
Wow thanks mesuva, that's so simple, even I could do it!!!

It's one of those easy thing you have to know but isn't so obvious the 1st time...

Fixed my problem altogether :)

BTW I found the missing pdf files in the file manager...

Thanks again