Creating package in Concrete 5.7 , controller's view() function is not getting called automatically ?

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Hello everyone,

I am building a package with concrete and facing issue in controller view() is not being called, But the output from view.php is displaying fine. I have also checked that it is going to controller file but the class function is not called though.

My single page name is icallist

Directory structure for it :
=>packages\ical_creator\single_pages\dashboard\ical_creator\icallist\view.php (works)
=>packages\ical_creator\controllers\single_page\dashboard\ical_creator\icallist.php (if i place exit on top it works but when i remove exit class function are not called)

Below is the controller code.
namespace Package\IcalCreator\Controller\Dashboard\IcalCreator;
use \Concrete\Core\Page\Controller\DashboardPageController;
class Icallist extends DashboardPageController {   
       public function view()
      echo 's1f23sd1f2s1df1s2d3f23';

the view function is not called ever ?

Can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong here ?

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Pluto replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
savan replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello pluto,

Thanks for your reply i have made it by using the same tutorial you provided but however i don't get why it dont works,
savan replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello pluto,

I have got solution for this anyway the namespace path was defined wrong seems like c5 takes file base on it or soemething.

But anyway thanks for your help.
Pluto replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello savan.
Thanks. Feel good to here that your problem has been solved. Cheers.:)