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Hi guys,

I'm a total concrete5 newbie, I just wanted to know before I get started, using the concrete5 form block, are you able to totally customize the appearance of the form with CSS?

Thanks in advance,


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pmarques replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Paul,

The core form block renders as a table. All elements have either a class or an ID, so you can customize them with CSS.
jordanlev replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Paul,
Welcome to Concrete5!

The form block itself is unfortunately not easy to style (it outputs a TABLE, and it is not classed consistently -- e.g. there's not necessarily a way to differentiate between different kinds of <input> types).
However, I've created a free addon which provides custom templates for the form block which are much easier to style with CSS (it outputs the form as a series of divs instead of as a table):

You might also be interested in this other free addon, which has the same styling benefits as the above addon, but also ajax-ifies the form block (so form submissions don't require a page refresh):

Best of luck!

Paulka replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi, thanks for the reply guys.

I definitely would like to have divs rather than tables, so ill check out the add-on, thanks very much.
warrenz replied on at Permalink Reply
Nice Jordan, I just installed your tableless form addon.

You have all the perfect addons for me.