custom page type icon location

I know it is a simple thing and I bet it is staring me in the face, but any help would be great.

I could not see anywhere in the documentation where to put the custom icon for a new page type... I can see where the core ones are:
concrete/concrete/images/icons/page_types but if I create a new image folder in the concrete area it doesn't appear....


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Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
i rememeber something like that, it was create a set with a certain name, i think it was page_type_icons or something
dancer replied on at Permalink Reply
But where would it go?
I have searched this site for that term but I cannot find any mention of it :(
dancer replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Ok... I have been really stupid.

For those searching for a similar solution.

Upload the page type icons through the Dashbaord and label a set:
"Page Type Icons"

The defaults will disappear and yours will appear.

Sorry for being so dumb
deletemepls replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment

In attachement, a photoshop template to create custom icons for page types.

I created it then you are free to use or redistribute.

Replace the .jpg extension by .psd
Press CTRL+H to toggle the extras mode

*sorry for my bad english
webpresso replied on at Permalink Reply
Many thanks!
Really helpful!
dotcomdude replied on at Permalink Reply
Yeah - excellent work. Thanks very much!
mdm172 replied on at Permalink Reply
I realize this post is old but you're still helping some of us.
ThomasJ replied on at Permalink Reply
I see that this is a couple of years old and may not be applicable to the current version of C5.

Thank you for your post of finding a fix to this issue. Your answer only specifies uploading through the dashboard but not where in the dashboard. If I do it this way, doesn't it just add it to the concrete/images/icons/page_types folder or does it actually produce a new folder at the domain base level?

If concrete5 searches for a page_type folder before it's default folder, where would be the proper place to put a custom page_types folder?

As of right now, I simply placed my added icons in concrete/images/icons/page_types folder and they show up automatically in the "Edit Page Types" page to add to a page type. The problem with this approach is that on the next upgrade, my custom page types will probably disappear.
ThomasJ replied on at Permalink Reply
OK, It finally dawned on me after my previous post, what these directions were alluding to. File Manager is the place where files are uploaded! Up until now, I have only been exposed to File Manager when I was directed to it while uploading graphics. I had no thought that File Manager played a much bigger role than just ingesting images for block use. I also found the place where a set is created.

After trying this approach, I now see how objects are managed when they are imported. Also, I see that file manager isn't really Managing Files. It is actually importing a file structure and saving it in the database and not the file system.

This doesn't answer my ultimate question of does concrete5 have the ability to search for page type icons first at the domain base level? The approach of saving the custom page icons in the database doesn't help me. I have custom page styles that I am creating for a theme that I am building and need to make them available as part of the package.