customize core theme-can't save changes


I'm new and inexperienced so bear with me. I was using the Dark Chocolate core theme to build this new site:

When I wanted to customize this theme, I read this how-to post:

and I did as instructed to copy, rename and install my theme. I then activated my theme from the dashboard. It changed the appearance of my site from what I had previously customized when the theme was located in the core location; but OK, I hadn't done too much and I'm willing to redo it. But the problem is, when I go to the dashboard and try to customize my theme, none of the changes I make (e.g. to background color or link colors, etc.) are saved. When I click "save" and return to the site, the messed up version of the site is still there. Strangely, the appearance doesn't even match what is currently shown as being defaults in the dashboard, e.g. the default is currently showing the background as black but the site shows it white. What am I doing wrong and how do I fix it so I can actually customize me theme?


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brabin replied on at Permalink Reply
OK, sorry for bothering you folks - the good news update is the problem is solved, though I don't know how or why. I simply repeated the process of copying, renaming, installing and activating my theme, clearing the cache, and now it works :)
marticps replied on at Permalink Reply
Remember to clear the cache of your site and tyour browser any time you do a css change.
Also, if you are editing a theme, I reccomend you to have cache disabled.