Delete instance of block contents, manually via MySQL?

I have a block that is buggy on my home page due to the settings. In edit mode I'm unable to delete the block or modify anything on the page. I also can't delete the homepage, so I'm looking for another way to delete the instance of the block added to the page.

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nowayjose replied on at Permalink Reply
I have the same issue, it shouldn't be that hard to do right?
developer99 replied on at Permalink Reply
Good question. I would like the answer to that too!
foster replied on at Permalink Reply
Two thoughts - if the block was added recently, I've had good success rolling back the version to a time before I added it.

Alternatively, I once ran into a situation where search results were showing up from deleted blocks, documented here:
I manually edited the mysql database file then, and things worked as I wanted it to. Just make sure to create a copy of the backup file before you edit it!