delete page from the top nav sub menu

Hello Guys,

I have problem with the sub menu of the top navigation.
I have this site:
The page What's on is redirected by check box handle (replace_link_with_first_in_nav) to Events.

Now I need the menu to stop displaying the What's on link in the sub menu.

Is there any handle like (exclude subpage from subnav)?
Or any other way to make the sub menu ignore the page?


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enlil replied on at Permalink Reply
navigate to the "what's on" page. Hover "edit" and click properties. Add the exclude from nav and select the checkbox. Should do the trick!!
vlad0panek replied on at Permalink Reply

Right, this will take the Whats' on link from the top nav as well.
I need to remove it just from the sub nav that's displayed only when you are actually on the
jjcdesign replied on at Permalink Reply
Looks like you might have a parent "what's on" page and then a child "what's on" page?

Do you need that child page at all?

If you just have the parent "What's on" Page with a page redirect to the "Events" page, delete the child "What's on" page then that should sort it?

I like your events search facility by the way - is that your own creation or an add-on?
vlad0panek replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment

Unfortunately, no. The What's on isn't subpage.
It's a main page, but for some reason it's displayed in both main and sub menu.

--sorry I haven't developed this site.
The HS gave us this site to migrate it to our server.
I haven't had time to look in to the functionality that's actually working yet.
Have my hands full with the migration and the stuff that's not working.