Design and custom template optio not showing

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For some reason when I click on the Design and custom template of a block, I have nothing showing up .... all the other options are ok, except this one.. any idea as to why ? Many thanks

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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi ptityop,

What version of concrete5 are you using?

Are you using a custom theme?

Does the theme use Bootstrap 3 JavaScript?

Do you have any browser console errors?

Please include a screenshot of what you are describing.
ptityop replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Hi thanks for the reply,
I am using a sself made theme, not too complicated. This s actually not an error I am mentionning, just that I realized that when the Content block by default always Includes a <p> tag, which makes it complicated using H1 headers .... By that I mean that for instance I am using this king of headers
<h1> <em><span class="glyphicon glyphicon-time" aria-hidden="true"></span></em> USING THE CONTENT BLOCK THIS HEADER GET WRAPPED BY A P TAG WHICHE MAKES IT LOOK DIFFERENT AS IT ADDS MARGINS AND PADDING ETC</h1>

In most cases all my clients just need to change the text, but using the content block, does not give the results you expect, especially when copying and pasting a text from word doc for instance ....

I attach an image hoping you'll understand my point, you will see 2 different headers, If i want my client to change the text without messing the styling he would have to change it from the html code, which is not good .... using the content block is also not such a good idea, as when they start playing around, and think "oh, that would be better as header, or "oh let's add a table" .... they can quickly change the style and design of a section, The only thing I need and most of my users need is just to have a field to change the content, making some words bold, or basic formatting .... the content block in many cases is a bit irritating for the users as the output can lead to strange results ... All that to say that i would like to know if there is a content block that only serves for changing words without any auto formatting ... just plain text ...thanks and hope this was understanble .... english is not my first language !
MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply

"the Content block by default always Includes a <p> tag, which makes it complicated using H1 headers"

Text added to the Content block will be wrapped in a p tag by default. When you apply the H1 tag, the p tag will be replaced.

Select text or place your cursor inside a text block:
- click the Formatting button
- click on Header 1
- this will wrap all the text block in <h1>...</h1>

I am not aware of a way to limit the rich text editor to just basic formatting and bold. The plugins can be disabled, but I don't believe the custom styles are.

If you need full control of the HTML displayed, but don't want to use the HTML block, an option would be a simple block with a textarea form input. Your users would be limited to pure text which could be custom formatted using the block view.
kk21 replied on at Permalink Reply
So I'm having a similar problem, although not with the content block, but rather with the autonav. MrK, your questions seemed relevant, I thought perhaps you could elaborate on a couple of them --

My theme does use Bootstrap Javascript.

I see a number of console warnings, and one error:
a 404 for a file named theme_directory/css/

No *new* errors appear when I click on the gear for Design and Custom Template, yet just as the original poster encountered, also no template options.

Is that missing file the error you were looking for? I see no Javascript error.

Is this a problem you recognize?

Thanks so much!
kk21 replied on at Permalink Reply
Solved my own problem (*huge* thanks to MrK for asking questions that put me in the right direction), so I thought I'd post:

Scanned the source for the page I was on, and found what appeared to be multiple conflicting entries for bootstrap-related js

Noted theme directory contained a bootstrap.js, where the themes that come with concrete5 do not. Scanned default.php (etc) and found a line specifically calling bootstrap.js, and commented it out. Voila!

So thanks so much! I'd have been banging my head against a wall for weeks.

Don't know how much it might come up, but if you use say Adobe Dreamweaver to build a responsive theme for concrete5, one extra step in converting it would be to remove that line, near the bottom of the file, that it so helpfully includes. :)

Thanks again!