difference between page types and page templates?

I have just read this and i am still a bit confused:

I come from a 5.6 background and i am struggling to understand how page templates are different from page types and why we need the two?

From what i have read.. page types sound the same as page templates. e.g if i add a page template it will map to a file in my theme. thats the same as a page type?

What new functionality does page templates bring that just page types did not have in 5.6?

Then i will understand :)

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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi chris123uk,

Here is an additional explanation.

chris123uk replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks. I did search for this before posting but didn't come across that! thats super helpful.
juddc replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Here is my 2 cents... The abstraction is kinda hard to wrap your head around.

A Page Template is anything with a hard-coded php file in your theme folder (otherwise default.php is used) and a Page Type is a system-based template that can be created by using your hard-coded Page Templates to work from.

For example, I built 2 Page Types for a site recently that both ran off the same Page Template - allowing me to make differences in the page layout & attributes without having to have a separate hard-coded Page Template in my theme folder. Quite slick, really.

It looks as though this separation is meant as a way to cut down on having hard-coded Page Templates in your theme, which I for one welcome. Hope this helps.
chris123uk replied on at Permalink Reply
hard to wrap my head around lol but getting there now. thx