Different templates in single theme or separate theme also help with building navigation.


I will start by explaining the picture. Currently i have finished working on the index site, the green marks where the main navigation is. The website will need two different styles of sites one is the main/index site and the second are content sites itself.

Occasionally when browsing for tutorials i see mentions of themes with multiple templates but most of the time there is only talk about pages.

Is the way to do this by combining multiple themes or is there a way to include multiple templates in single theme?.

The design of the main page is vastly different from the content page.

Also the content pages need a sub-navigation for themselves, will using two different templates mix up the main navigation?.

I hope i can get some pointers and tutorials for this. I have been looking at some but i havent found a good one. Or is common practice simply to employ multiple themes then make pages of them?.

Some pointers for building that kind of sub-navigation would be much appreciated.

I ran into this issue after finishing the index site and noticing that i dont have a concrete idea on how to build sub navs and do i need a template.

I hope i can save some time by using this forum as i still have to develop the content pages and make them right. I hope my question is easy to answer perhaps i figure it out by tomorrow.

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LucasAnderson replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
What you're looking for is how to make different Page Types. Page types live within a theme and allow you to have different "page structures" within the same theme (for instance, HOME page type and LEFT SIDEBAR page type).

You'll want to read up on Themes and Page Types. I think this is exactly what you are asking about, and it is very easy to create multiple page types. Read more here:


Here are some video tutorials that will help you when building your theme:


kartaju replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you for the pointers. I think i have it figured it out i make pages from templates with autonav then pagelist. Then i just look that the pages with pagelists are in correct order in the sitemap. At least i think this is how it goes.

I am yet to finish the content page layout and because of that i was getting a bit nervous that the navigation and templates might be problematic.

I know how to create pages already so in hindsight my question feels very obvious :D.

Thanks for the answer.
kartaju replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Ok i now have this issue where i have copied the theme folder i used to build theme for the frontpage.

I have changed the description to the txt file and the folder name is different so C5 lists it as a new theme.

However when making pages out of this theme they dont appear correctly. I change some default settings and they dont stay. Also i have made some changes to the default.php like "this is a content page" but when i add a page content which should be a page based on content theme it always appears as the main page so it reads "this is the main page".

Should i do a clean install or what might my problem be. I have tried clearing and reseting the cache.

I think i might have an idea what the problem is.

When you make a new page you cant decide where its taken from, you can just pick the page you just designed. In the page designer i have chosen the theme used for content pages. However when i click add page it reverts to the main pages theme.

I have to manually enter to the new page and then change its theme to "content theme". Because by default it is "index theme" and "content page". I have to change the index theme part to content theme manually even thought i have already chosen content theme in the page designer.

What should i do?. Am i missing something.

Off to bed now.