Drafts in 5.7

I'm trying to find the place where a list of currently saved but unpublished pages are kept. It seems like the Page Drafts only has new unpublished pages. How do I keep track of content that I've edited but want others to review (or that I want to get back to)?


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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi lymond01,

Have you checked Drafts in the full sitemap?

Dashboard> Sitemap> check Include System Pages in Sitemap> Drafts
lymond01 replied on at Permalink Reply
Mr K,

Thanks for the reply. What I'm seeing in the Full Sitemap (with system folders checked) is the Drafts folder, but it's empty, even if I make a new page, save it, but don't publish it. If I go under the Page menu (to the left of the dashboard), at the bottom, I see Page Drafts. This will populate with new, unpublished pages, but it won't show me previously published pages that have been edited and saved.

We're going to duplicate the site and test Workflows. Perhaps that is what is required to get a list of changed sites. Does seem odd though. On a large site, if you're working on 10 pages in different sections, but only saving them so you can review and/or work on them later, how do you keep track? Pen and paper?

MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
What version of concrete5 are you using?
lymond01 replied on at Permalink Reply

We're on In your version, are you seeing what I'm not? If you edit an existing page, save but don't publish, does it show up in either Drafts in the full site map, or Page Drafts at the bottom of the Page menu?
goodnightfirefly replied on at Permalink Reply
Using the latest development version from Github (which will soon become 5.7.4), drafts are showing up fine, since is being mentioned by yourself and wavemedia.

Essentially the Drafts section in the Sitemap is only for pages that haven't ever been published and are in limbo waiting for a home, not for changes to be approved.

You definitely want to set up and use Workflows.
wavemedia replied on at Permalink Reply
Using version

As far as I can tell its a bug, because when you click + Drafts within sitemap, nothing appears. And clicking on drafts takes you to the homepage.