duplicate a page

I have duplicated a page both on its own and with child, but it doesn't duplicate the content of that page only a basic blank page.
Have tried it from the page itself and from the dashboard.

Am I doing anything wrong?

This is a page I need to copy and alter many times, should I be setting it up as a some kind of template?

Many thanks.

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openly replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Hi I suggest you have a look at this video http://vimeo.com/3023508.

You can easily create a new page type and establish the defaults for that page. Then every time you need to use it just create a page using that page type.

When you create a new page type without creating a view file for it, it will just use the default view for your theme.

Try it out if you still are having issues just ask.
appleman replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Bruno and thanks for your reply.

I'm sorry but I don't understand...
Where in the interface do you set-up and save page defaults for new pages. I can only see an 'add new page' button. Is there a way to add a custom page in the scrapbook.

openly replied on at Permalink Reply
The scrapbook allows you to add blocks to it you have created that you might want to use again. It does not save whole pages.

If you create a new page type you can set the defaults so every time you create that page it will look the same. It can save you lots of time.

To manage the defaults go to Pages & Themes --> Page Types, then find the one you want to change the defaults on and hit Defaults.

Any thing you edit on the default page will appear automatically on all the future pages you create with that Page Type.

To set up a new page type all you have to do is hit 'Add a Page Type' and give it a name. Dont worry about the handle for now this can just be the same as the name but in lowercase and without spaces. Dont worry about the attributes to much for now either.

I hope this helps
appleman replied on at Permalink Reply
understand now.

Somehow I completely missed the extra navigation at the top of the window i.e. Themes | Page Types | Attributes | Pages.
It's such a subtle grey colour, might be worth suggesting to the developers to change this to make it more obvious?

Thanks for your help! :-)
Albin replied on at Permalink Reply
The info regarding setting page type defaults was very helpful. When I started using Concrete5 I did not notice the extra navigation window at the top.