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I want to "duplicate" my site. What I really mean is I want to change themes, add new images and content to individual pages, etc. and see how they look throughout the site while not impacting the live portion of the site.

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tallacman replied on at Permalink Reply
just make the changes and save with the preview button (Not the save button). Then only logged in people will see the changes.
diorist replied on at Permalink Reply
I guess in your shoes, I'd clone my current site and use the clone as a sandbox. Even though C5 lets you easily rollback page versions, keeping experimental changes off the live site (until you're ready to commit) is a little less nerve wracking than having changes in preview where they can accidentally be approved for public view.

The drawback to this approach is that you'd have to reproduce any wanted changes on your live site. But for content blocks, that's really just a matter of copy/paste.

You probably know this, but C5 sites are easy to clone---basically just copy/paste the files to somewhere else on the server, create a new db, and point the new config/site.php to your new db.
julia replied on at Permalink Reply
I use a copy of my site on a local stage for that kind of testing. Since I'm on a Mac, I use MAMP. Here are some helpful guides:

Move a site (to copy your site) -

concrete5 on MAMP -

concrete5 on WAMP -