Edit bar, edit menu and sitemap menus are gone

I've been using Concrete 5 to build and edit our company's webpage for the last year or so with no problems. Recently though I logged in to edit part of our site, and ran into some problems.

When I click on "Return to Website" from the Dashboard, it takes me to my website, with a bar along the top, but the bar is completely blank. No "Edit", "Dashboard" or "Sign Out." This happens in Safari, Google Chrome and Windows Explorer. In Firefox, the links in the bar show up just fine, but when I go into edit mode, the individual edit menus for each block don't show up.

In each browser, the menu that should come up when you hover over each page in the Dashboard sitemap is also gone. I'm not as concerned with this problem... more concerned with not being able to edit any of the blocks on our site-- kind of a big deal at this point.

(Side note, I just updated this site to but I was having this problem before the update).

I've found other people on the discussion forums with similar problems, and it seems like this is a javascript issue. I've tried some of the "fixes" recommended (such as making sure the
was in the footer.php (which it is) and nothing has fixed the problem. I am very much a novice at this (think "Concrete for Dummies" skill level), so maybe I'm missing something.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a fix?

The site I'm having problems with ishttp://www.hsi-engineering.com (With our other site,www.www.fulldepthrehabilitation.com,... I'm able to see the Edit bar, but not the edit menu for each block. This site is still running

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adamjohnson replied on at Permalink Reply
What version did you upgrade from? Some of the older versions of Concrete5 require you to upgrade from certain versions to certain versions before getting on the latest version. For example, c5.5.1 requires you to have before going to 5.5.
fulldepthrehab replied on at Permalink Reply
I originally had version when I recently upgraded I thought I went up to but now it's telling me I have version 5.5.
adamjohnson replied on at Permalink Reply
Yup. Sounds like you need to reinstate your 5411 install, then go to 5422, then to 551. That should fix your problems. Search the forums and how tos for some downgrading and upgrading tips.
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
A blank edit bar is often the result of a javascript error, perhaps a script from a previous version of an addon is incompatible with the version of C5 you have upgraded to.

You can check for script errors and where they come from using the developer console. See the last section ofhttp://www.concrete5.org/documentation/how-tos/editors/getting-help... if you need guidance on using the developer console.
fulldepthrehab replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you everyone for your suggestions... it turns out that our site was hacked and many of the files were infected, which is what was causing the problem with the edit bar. Once the files were cleaned up and the malicious code removed the edit bar problem was resolved! Yay!