Edit Bar not showing up

I followed the tutorial to set up my page to be editable but it's not working. If you want to look at my code, you can go to theresaberg.com

Thanks so much in advance. I'm at my wits end trying to figure this out.

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CC3381 replied on at Permalink Reply
Do you have a github account? If so post your code there and include a link in your post. It will not do use much help without the full source code.

Nekomis replied on at Permalink Reply
I do not have a github account... I'm looking into it now. However, I made my website from scratch and was hoping to be able to make it so my client would be able to edit certain areas. It's a website for a restaurant and he wants to be able to edit the menu pages. I didn't download a theme/I wrote everything from scratch.
mkly replied on at Permalink Reply
Do you mean you built a theme following a tutorial

Is it that you are not seeing the White Edit Bar at the top of the page even when logged in? If so you may need to add
<?php Loader::element('footer_required'); ?>

in footer.php

This used to not be as important so some themes and tutorials from the past.

Otherwise you might need to be a little more specific.
Nekomis replied on at Permalink Reply
I built the site from scratch just using HTML, CSS and jquery. I didn't follow or edit any of the themes you can download as I designed and created the site from scratch. I don't have a footer.php page. Is there some sort of guideline I need to follow to create my site so that it works in concrete5? You can see how I set up my default page by going to theresaberg.com and viewing the source code.
jero replied on at Permalink Reply
I think you'll need to add
<?php Loader::element('header_required'); ?>

immediately after the <head> tag in your theme files.

It would also be worth checking that:

a) You have valid html - I've known menu bars to vanish if the html
is badly broken (check it out athttp://validator.w3.org/)

b) there are no javascript errors. Again, this can cause hassles with
the menu bar.
Nekomis replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks, I got it to work.
bobbyschultz replied on at Permalink Reply
I had this same problem, and it seems that the problem was the Facebook "badge" required code (div + script) that FB tells you to place right after the opening BODY tag.

I simply moved their required code down to right before the actual placement of the badge and this solved the problem.