edit bar only showing at login page

I was editing a html block I placed in a global area. After saving changes to the block my home page displayed an error. When I hit the back button on the web browser, I now have a couple problems.

To sum up, I appears as if my concrete install has switched my homepage and my login page.

1. After I login, I cannot see the edit bar on ANY page on my site.
2. If I return to my site login (site/index.php/login), I can view the edit bar on top of page and access the dashboard (see attached image)
3. When I open dashboard, go to sitemap, I can visit any page, but when I do, I lose the edit bar and dashboard as if I am not logged in. The only page I CANNOT successfully visit from dashboard sitemap is my "home" page. Clicking on "visit HOME" takes me directly to my login page, again with the edit bar viewable.
4. Also, possibly unrelated, some of the html links and javascript appear functional, some is not

I have no idea what the error was (I didn't pay attention to it at the time) or how to fix this. I've tried to login on chrome, firefox and internet explorer. Any help would be appreciated. Let me know if further information is needed.

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maar replied on at Permalink Reply
If you can go to the dashboard, then go to "Stacks and Blocks". Under stacks you need to witch to Global Area view. Here you should be able to find your HTML Block. If you can edit it here, do that - If not, try to delete the HTML Block from here!