Edit Block Links not using SEO-friendly/Pretty URL format


My client has migrated from Concrete 5.7 to Concrete 8.3 and for the most part everything has been great. However, we have an issue when a link is added to a block from the Sitemap. This link is generated with the index.php?### format despite having URL rewriting enabled.

Things I have tried:
1. Searched for the old define usage within the codebase (define('URL_REWRITING_ALL')) and it is no longer present
2. Added 'url_rewriting_all => true' to the generated config file alongside 'url_rewriting' (this was intended as a temporary work-around)
3. Cleared the page cache
4. Updating the page block in question

In all cases it still renders it as index.php?### on the page. I took a look at the underlying implementation and see that it works with the dataId attribute so it must be when the page is rendered that the translation is intended to occur.

I assume this is a pretty typical use-case so hopefully there is just something I'm missing?

Thanks in advance for any assistance as my client is getting impatient!

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pgerzani replied on at Permalink Reply
We have discovered this is due to a custom content block type we made for the client in Concrete5 that was not updated to use the new WYSIWYG editor method so substitution is not happening.