edit layout of dashboard

i am trying to add in some divs to my dashboard for real time analytics, so far i can only edit the reports, notes, etc divs on the index of dashboard.

Where can i go to edit the layout of these divs, for instance instead of 2 divs across the top i would like 3 of my custom divs in. Would be happy to share current code with anyone.

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mattl replied on at Permalink Reply
found it, had to modify some core files, made backups but file is located concrete/single_pages/dashboard/view.php, i used open source real time analytic piwik and put widgets on my dashboard for quick viewing
okhayat replied on at Permalink Reply
You'd better copy the view.php from the code to your /single_pages/dashboard/ and customize it. This way, it won't be over written when you update.
mattl replied on at Permalink Reply
thanks for mentioning that, i forgot all about that. I will do that for sure, i have some other customizations that need to be done like that too.