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I am very new and don't know any code. I am using whitesapce and would like to delete the website title at the top. I thought I had it but it defaulted to Concrete5. If it can't be deleted, then can I change the color, and how.

I was also entering test and trying to change the font and size after it is was in and it wasn't letting me edit. Do I need something added that would help and if so what.

If your reply is code, could you please tell me where I put it too make it work? Sorry I know nothing. Thanks.

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pvernaglia replied on at Permalink Reply
Sounds like you are talking about the title in the header of the site, it is in the header.php file in your themes/elements directory. You can delete the block of code for the title from there:

<h1 id="logo"><!--
         --><a href="<?php echo DIR_REL?>/"><?php 
            $block = Block::getByName('My_Site_Name');  
            if( $block && $block->bID ) $block->display();   
            else echo SITE;

check out the tours in the about tab and the how to's in documentation, they will help you a lot.
bishopdennis replied on at Permalink Reply
I have the same issue. I've viewed the developer's tour and the owner's tour, and I still don't see how to view the code that you mention.

How does one go about viewing the code to change it?
johndorsay replied on at Permalink Reply
Navigate to concrete/themes/default/

This is the folder that contains all the elements of the theme that is set when you first create a new C5 site. You will find all hour CSS and template files, images, etc...
In the element folder you will find a file called header.php
This is the page you are looking to alter.

Edit forgot to mention:
You should NEVER alter anything in the concrete folder. You will see a folder at the same level as concrete named themes. First copy the default folder here and then start to edit the template pages and elements.

This is also true for altering and extending blocks, etc...
bishopdennis replied on at Permalink Reply
Maybe, we have a different issue. I cannot navigate to the location you gave me. I only have access to the dashboard. I have not downloaded concrete5, I am using the site that they offer for trial. So ... is this the reason that they don't allow me access to remove it? Or, is it still that I'm missing something? LOL I guess it could be both. I really like this CMS, but I want to know that I can do what I need to do, of course. Thanks for the help.
johndorsay replied on at Permalink Reply
Ok, I think understand now.
You should download the latest version and install it on your server or local machine.
This will give you the ability to see all the source code, folder and hierarchy.

The test site is set up for you to see how easy the administration of a site is not for editing templates, which is what you are really asking about.
bishopdennis replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for the help that you've been so kind to give here. I've moved on a bit, and becoming a bit more comfortable with concrete5 (after 2 days LOL). Now ... what am I missing? I would like to put a background picture on the site. I've not found where I can add a background pic.

Again, thanks for the help.
johndorsay replied on at Permalink Reply
Backgrounds pics are normally defined in the CSS files. So one way to do this is to save your background pic to the images folder in your themes/images folder and define the body tag as in the main.css file.

body{ background-image:images/somebackgroundimage.jpg;}

Hope this helps
bishopdennis replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks, again.

Another question. So, if I install concrete5 on my website, will it mess up my existing info? I've had my current website for about 3 years. Will it leave everything in tact, and allow me to change things slowly?
johndorsay replied on at Permalink Reply
I have installed c5 on top of sites and altered things slowly, but you will need to define a new landing page in a .htaccess file AND be comfortable with the two site structures in one root, because it may start to look really messy.

You could also install the c5 site in a sub folder and when you are happy with it just move it to the root.

Let me know if you need some code for the htaccess
bishopdennis replied on at Permalink Reply
I can handle the .htaccess ... however, the moving after setting up in a subfolder might be interesting. I'm not sure which would be less difficult. How's the SEO with concrete5? Some others are known to be good with SEO, but I'm finding concrete5 much easier to work with. However, SEO is important.

Again, thanks for your help.
johndorsay replied on at Permalink Reply
I love the SEO in c5. It's a breath of fresh air and a breeze tm customize
kolson replied on at Permalink Reply
I am trying to make my website name in the header longer to fit the name. (Clearview Theme). Where do I find the elements or is it root folder with all the pages that I can EDIT. In themes I see that I can customize certain aspects of the theme - but when I do see the home.php file it is using a default and I am unable to edit it. Where is this elements file? Concrete 5 isn't my server... Bluehost is... is it somewhere other than my site?