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I was wondering if there is anyone out there that is working on a project that will enable editing on the iOS platform (that is, editing and accessing/administrating a site in a fully -- or nearly -- functional system that is iOS friendly)?

I've found there are severe limitations on using c5 on my iOS devices:
1. WYSIWYG editing: I understand, first, that this is a limitation with the TinyMCE implementation, rather than a c5 issue, per se. However, if there were some alternative that would come up that IS iOS friendly, it would not only be beneficial, but make it *possible* to edit a site within the iOS environment.

2. Scrolling through modal dialogs: Currently, this is a complete impossibility. I don't, personally, understand the ins and outs as to why this is an issue, but it means we cannot easily edit or modify much of the information that comes up in those dialogs, let alone *see* or "tap" the OK or Submit buttons. This is even more severe if we want to use the 'add a block function and cannot scroll through the list!

I fully understand these are issues that are limited to the iOS only, but as that is a greatly increasing audience, it would be superb if it were developed both as another incentive for clients, as well as developers that use their iOS devices regularly! I've found *some* workarounds for said issues, but there are many, many problems that can leave me at a complete standstill on my iPad when working within a site.

Does anyone have any insight into this? Any ideas as to how we can create a "portal" for iOS users that slims down the code into a more simplified fashion that works within the iOS Webkit environment?

I'm greatly interested in seeing the feedback out there!

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majorbanzai replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm glad you asked this. While I enjoy the cool UI when editing a site, the fact that I can't really do much editing on an iOS device is very disappointing.
xs2 replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
working on iPad is not that bad. most things work right now. sure, it's a bit tricky, but it's possible. For scrolling in modal dialogs you should use two fingers. For moveing pages you need to use the flat view page instead of the normal sitemap view. For uploading files you need to use an FTP app which is able to upload photos from the library (e.g. iFiles) to the folder /files/incomeing. In the filemanager click on "more" near the file upload field, change to the incomeing tab and import the files to the database.

only the wysiwyg editor doesn't work, but that is common with all other cms. maybe the markdown or textile block is an alternative if you don't want to work with html.

sure, a special concrete5 app would be fine, but it's nearly impossible to get the functionalty of all blocks and plugins into one native ios app, I guess. So everybody would miss something important.

However, an ios app alternative for the tinymce editor would be a big deal. data could be transfered via clipboard from/to safari. So that one copies the html source out of the textarea but edits it in the rich text mode and after work is done he posts back html. only adding images from the filemanager don't work that way.

Unfortunatly I didn't find a rich text editor which does this on app store. only text editors with syntax highlighting.
rainingmirrors replied on at Permalink Reply
As far as i know, the guys from Aloha Editor are working on a mobile version to get full editing capabilities on all mobile platforms.
BTW: it would be nice to be able to replace TinyMCE with Aloha Editor ;) Don’t know yet, if this would be possible.
dihakz replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi there... I have meant to respond to you MUCH sooner! While the wysiwyg editor is still abysmal, I had NO idea about scrolling through a dive or iframe using two fingers!! That has been a life saver in many other places, as well!