Editing page type output, not all applicable pages in set up on child pages available

Hi all,

I've edited my 'full page' type output that all of my pages are using on my site. I've added a script to the very bottom of the body tag just before the footer starts.

When I choose, "Set up on child pages" it only shows 4 items in the list, my Blog/News page and the 3 pages of the mega menu that aren't even really pages that get seen, they're just place holders for the child pages of the mega menu. My home page, contact, faqs etc aren't in the list.

I've checked and double checked that my pages are all using the 'full page' layout and that is the page type output I am editing. When I view the source, I see the page type is the same, but the Blog has the script but the Home pages and others do not.

It has only worked on my Blog/News page and the 1st blog post I have up. The blog post is a the blog entry page type that I have edited as well.

The site is:http://peachfest.com

Thanks for any feedback

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