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Hey I'm a website enthusiast, without any knowledge of PHP or Java, but I can learn, that said how do I edit the default : home, about etc to make 'about' something else or perhaps make a cascading menu of options

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Adreco replied on at Permalink Reply
Easy page name-edits with concrete :-)
Log in to site - Go to page you wish to change name of - choose edit page - Then choose the "Properties" tab on the menu bar to change the name.
To add upper level pages (that show at same level as about etc) choose the "Add Page" button instead of the "Edit Button". To add child pages that cascade below an upper level page, just start from the parent page (about, contact etc) and choose the "Add Page" button.
No coding necessary!

*(to have the child pages show up from the main Nav bar... you may need to manually edit the code OR purchase one of the great add-ons in the market place)

Take time to view all the great resources listed under Documentation. http://www.concrete5.org/documentation/general-topics/...