Editing the Header PHP

I have recently been trying to get my head around editing the header.php for a 'banner-menu" for the site. I have created reasonably simple banner with a CSS dropdown menu which approximates it. There are links for the images and the text in the header. I have been using the default theme (copied up to c:\wamp\www\themes\ and renamaned SHYCcruise and I am trying to edit that. Here in a test area is the banner-menu I am trying to recreate:
There is also an associated css file here

I have been able to get the Cruise-Logo into the page but I am having trouble even locating it! What am I missing? This should be simpiler. I realize that I am going to have to edit the theme css and the header.php but I am having some trouble getting into this. Should I be using a different theme?

Thanks for any help or suggestions!


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jbx replied on at Permalink Reply
Have you read this?

I'm entirely sure what the problem you're having is. Are you saying you can't find the header.php? Which theme are you editing?

If you are editing one of the C5 themes that comes built into C5, they are located in /concrete/themes/. The header.php file is in a subdirectory called elements. Before you edit it though, you should take a copy of the theme you wish to edit and place it in /themes/. Then edit it there. That way, any future upgrades wont overwrite your changes.

Hope that helps...

fcgleason replied on at Permalink Reply

Thanks for your response. I had read the link you reference and had saved the link as very helpful. I did happen to figure out that I was missing a c:\wamp\www\theme folder and copied the 'default" theme up to that new directory, also renaming the theme the folder as SHYCclub, then activated the theme in the dashboard and then applied the site I had been working on to that theme.

Then I tried a few changes in the header php for that "SHYCcruise" theme without much luck. I am going to have to spend more time on this to understand it I guess. I know where I want to go but not how to get there yet.

I now understand I need my customized themes up under www/themes so they do not get overwritten with upgrades to concrete5.