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Am totally new to this but I have set up a site. I changed the top picture by deleting the theme picture and adding a block with my own picture (all in edit mode). Does this kind of thing - changing within the edit mode require me setting up my own theme? What does require a new theme so that updates do not override what I have done?

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chemmett replied on at Permalink Reply
Changes made in edit mode will not get overwritten by updates. However if you've modified the actual PHP files within the /concrete/themes directory, those changes would be overwritten by an update.

If you're doing the latter, it's better to make/customize your own theme rather than modifying the built-in themes. If you want to use one of the built-in themes as a starting point, just copy the theme directory from /concrete/themes to /themes, activate it in the Dashboard, and make your changes to the copy. That way you can upgrade concrete without overwriting your changes.

This might be helpful also:http://www.concrete5.org/documentation/how-tos/designers/make-a-the...
flyer99 replied on at Permalink Reply
Okay. That makes sense. Now I want to change the footer in the Greek Yogurt theme. It is too large. Do I change the footer.php or is there something else (a css file maybe) that I also have to change. I would rather have the footer that is in the Plain Yogurt. Sigh....nothing is perfect!