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Hi all,

For some reason, when I click on "Edit HTML Source" in the content editor (for the current version of C5), the HTML source editor go behind the main editor window and is out of focus (so I can't actually get to it). Did anyone else encounter this problem and know why this happens ? My tinymce version is 3.2.6 and this happens in the following browsers:

IE 7 and 8
Firefox 3.5.3

Looking forward to any ideas. Thanks !

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patej replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Did you ever find a solution to your problem? I've now come across the same with C5 v.5.4. I didn't have this problem before. It occurs on FF3.6, Safari 4.05 (Mac) and IE8.

So TinyMCE opens just fine, but when I click on html editor, it appears on the "page level" behind the lightbox's grayed out background. When I click on show special characters button, also that block appears there, under the html-editor div. See the screen shot attached.

Even though I cannot click to them, I can edit the html code only with the keyboard. And when I click on for example, the Format-dropdown, those extra block disappear.

Do you guys have any suggestions on what could cause the problem? I am using a custom set of button in TinyMCE, but the problem appears also with the standard sets.

Any help/ideas appreciated!
dihakz replied on at Permalink Reply
Have you gotten any information on this? I have the very same problem (among a few other tinyMCE issues, too!)

Please let me know! Thanks.
Ta2Ta2 replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
I have a similar issue to you guys, even I've posted a thread with no response..

Think this subject sounds like x-files ...

My post here:http://www.concrete5.org/community/forums/usage/hard-time-with-cont...

The issue screen shot is attached.

Any idea?