SOLVED: Exclude from auto nav, show in page list?


I'm trying to show *all* pages in my main Auto-nav block in the header of my page, but then use a page list block to show sub pages to logged-in users only:


AUTONAV (sitemap)

Page 1
Page 2
Page 2a
Page 2b
Page 2c
Page 3 (has a link to login page)
Page 3a (welcome page - excluded from nav)
Page 3b (excluded from nav)
Page 3c (excluded from nav)
Page 3d (excluded from nav)
Page 4
Page 5

PAGE LIST (shown on welcome page 3a)

Page 3a (visible to Groups 1, 2 + 3)
Page 3b (only visible to Group 1)
Page 3c (only visible to Group 2)
Page 3d (only visible to Group 3)


Problem is, because I've excluded Pages 3a to 3d from the navigation, I cant get the links to show in my page list block (even when users are logged in).

I tried checking 'Display pages to users even when those users cannot access those pages' in my autonav settings which makes the pages visible in my page list block.

However, the pages I want hidden in my main nav are then visible to the public in my main navigation auto nav and through a site search...

Is there any way around this so that I can only show pages that are relevant to certain groups I've created when they're logged in using a page list block?



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osu replied on at Permalink Reply
...but if anyone could help me out on this one, I'd be greatly appreciative. My deadline is closing in so I need to fix it :$


osu replied on at Permalink Reply
Ryan kindly gave me the answer I was looking for. You can find the solution here: