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Hi, I'm new to concrete5 and taken over an existing site.

In the navigation there is one tab item that currently links to an internal page which then points them to a shopping cart built externally. They want to cut this step out so that when you click on the tab in the main navigation, it goes directly to the external shopping cart link.

What I did is go to Dashboard > Full Sitemap> found the tab that I wanted to change to an external link > Add external link > put in name and url.

When I saved this I could see the external link appear below the navigation tab item on the sitemap. but when I go to the live website, it doesn't link to the external website.

Any suggestions?

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drbiskit replied on at Permalink Reply
Sounds like you have possibly added an external link as a child of the navigation item, rather than actually replacing it?

Have you got a URl to look at?
smartrobbie replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi thanks, does look like a child in the site map.

smartrobbie replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Actually you might not be able to see that link any more. I tried to add a new 'external link' from clicking on the home page. This seems to have worked. It put it at the end of the navigation in a highlighted colour. Which is ok I think. Not sure if I need to blend it into the navigation yet.

The link I sent through earlier is now not visible to the customer.

See attached the site map structure.
HopeL replied on at Permalink Reply
Edited to say - I just found the external link option. Can't believe I missed that. It's quite helpful. The more I work with C5, the more I like it!
drbiskit replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi - yeah I can only see the login page on the url, but yes, adding a child to homepage is the correct way for you to do it.

Is it sorted?
pedropiedade replied on at Permalink Reply
If you code a custom navigation with a pagelist, you could do this:

$linkToUrl = $page->cPointerExternalLink ? $page->cPointerExternalLink : $nh->getCollectionUrl($page);