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We have some massive file servers which holder tons of files and folders. I would like to be able to link to these somehow until we can move the files and folders to the concrete5 file manager.

I just need a way to create a link to these files. I've tried using html and <a href="file://///x.x.x.x/data/stores/STORE CALENDAR/District 1" target="_blank">District 1</a>.

This just does not work. I've tried to use external links and this doesn't work either. I need a way to make this work.

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glockops replied on at Permalink Reply
I assume you're working on an intraweb site?

Honestly, unless your file servers are set up to serve files in a web browser you're going to be in for a lot of headaches. You might ask your IT department (if there is one) if they can help with that.

If you can access your files via:
http://x.x.x.x/data/stores/STORE... CALENDAR/District 1
(where x.x.x.x is a IP address) then you can use that as your href.

Referencing a file:// or \\servername\ address is probably not the way you want to go with this.
SaveMart replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes this is just a intranet website. It will never go outside.

Right now, no. The file servers are non-http. I know in html you can normally just call <a href> and then specify the location of the files. It will trigger the browser to open the files. The issue is when I try to attempt this in concrete5 it ends up opening another browser page withhttp://intranetside/\\\data\files\... which just doesn't work. I need someway to get the browser to think its a file server again and browser the files.
slciec replied on at Permalink Reply
Time to dig up an old post. SaveMart did you ever find a good solution for this? I would also like to create links to an internal file server for our intranet. Since our current shares and security are already setup I figured it would be easy to just use the existing setup. We currently have sharepoint and users hate the way files are stored on it. They prefer to go to the shared folders. I was thinking about enabling WEBDAV on our file server(s) but not sure if that is a good solution.
mhawke replied on at Permalink Reply
Have a look at this article about HTML5 and local files. I haven't implemented it yet but I will tonight and see what happens.

slciec replied on at Permalink Reply
To quote ApparentlyAnOldFart "Wow. When I was a kid we had to walk uphill in three feet of snow, both ways, to do this stuff..."
slciec replied on at Permalink Reply
So after further reading it seems that still does not address the issue. I am not looking to pull the file up in a web browser. I just need a way of linking directly to a file sitting on a network share.
mhawke replied on at Permalink Reply
and do what with the file?
slciec replied on at Permalink Reply
I will need to find something similar to this mediawiki solution.
slciec replied on at Permalink Reply
Open it with whatever program supports the extension. i.e. a *.doc opens with word. It would be the same thing as emailing a UNC path to someone internally.
mhawke replied on at Permalink Reply
It seems that Chrome doesn't want to do that for security reasons. Have a read here and see if it helps.


I can open local files in Chrome by clicking CTRL+O but you want the likes to open. Even if you can coerce Chrome into opening a local file, you will have to look at how C5 'sanitizes' the URLs because it seems they automatically add the domain ahead of the URLs.
slciec replied on at Permalink Reply
Well luckily everyone here uses IE except for me. I will do my testing with IE and find some type of solution.
Thanks for the info mhawke
slciec replied on at Permalink Reply
Ok well this somewhat solved. It works great in IE by using the following link.
<a href="\\fileserver\IP Information.xlsx">IP Addresses</a>

Chrome does not allow it.
mhawke replied on at Permalink Reply