Facebook Feed on a site?

Is there any way to have your latest Facebook activity (status updates and comments) appear in a section of a Concrete5 site?

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JimboJetset replied on at Permalink Reply
There is a Facebook PHP API available...


... therefore I would 'assume' its possible.
Cyberdave replied on at Permalink Reply
How would I go about getting that to work with Concrete5?
Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
you will need to create a custom addon, Jimbo is at the right place, i would look at some of the twitter blocks flyin around to see how to integrate it with Concrete5
atephoald replied on at Permalink Reply
Has anyone had any success with this? I would very much like the same functionality for a site I manage...

Cheers in advance all.
beerchurch replied on at Permalink Reply
See problem below. The trouble seems to be coming from the permissions level of your Facebook page. It needs to be available to everyone (13+). Makes sense, eh? Otherwise, if you aren't logged on to facebook the page doesn't know how old you are and restricts access.

Log on to Facebook.
Go to your page.
Left column, click Edit Page.
Left column, click Manage Permissions.

The problem I'm having with the Like Box is that it displays an ugly error unless the person visiting the website is logged on to Facebook. In other words, I add the Like Box code to my Concrete5 site and it looks great. Then I log off of Facebook and return to my Concrete5 site and there is an ugly error message. It would all be okay if the error message said "You need to log on to Facebook to see this content" or something. Instead of just an ugly error.

Getting my code here:

Using it here:
glockops replied on at Permalink Reply
This is actually quite easy if you want to use the widget the facebook provides.

I assume you want to pull in a Facebook Page status updates and not a personal profile? Hope so...

Here goes:
Login to facebook and go to Account -> Manage Pages.
Select the page you wish to Manage
Click Edit Page
On the right side column choose "Promote with a Like Box"
Select the options you would like to have and copy the HTML code.
Paste the HTML code into an HTML block.
utomo replied on at Permalink Reply
I wish there is add on for this.
so we can :
1. See the Facebook, twitter and other updates on Concrete5
2. Comment, reply or forward. so it will goes through facebook, twitter and others too.

so the ideas is to make people stick on Concrete5 without leaving concrete5 they can access and communicate on Facebook, Twitter and others.
wagdi replied on at Permalink Reply