Feedburner RSS Feed problem, not showing images

So, I have an issue that I think I have found where the problem lies, I am just having an issue implementing the solution. I am having an issue where Feedburner doesn't display my images but my RSS feed does. I think it is because the image paths are relative paths.


You can see works just fine.


does not. I took the source from feedburner and pasted into notepad. I changed the relative path and added the entire site path to a couple pics in the source and alas they popped up. I have a modified rss.php file that uses the image helper which I am pretty sure is the part that grabs the relative path. If anyone can help me out and tell me where to add a little snippet of code, that would be great. I obviously plan on making a new helper that is an exact copy plus code changes that the rss.php file references so it doesn't call for full paths for other images on my site when not necessary. Thanks in advance!

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yunotakemymoney replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
ended up figuring out a solution, posting it here for anyone who may need a reference in the future. I made a new php file in the helpers folder called rssimage.php. I copied and pasted the image.php helper code into rssimage.php. I changed the helper name at the top to RssImageHelper and changed this line:
$html = '<img class="ccm-output-thumbnail" alt="' . $alt . '" src="' . $thumb->src . '" width="' . $thumb->width . '" height="' . $thumb->height . '" />';

to this one
$html = '<img class="ccm-output-thumbnail" alt="' . $alt . '" src="http://www.yoursitehere.com' . $thumb->src . '" width="' . $thumb->width . '" height="' . $thumb->height . '" />';
which appends the full site address on to the relative URL path. Hope someone gets some use out of this in the future