File Manager issues

Hi all,
I recently upgraded a client site to Version 8.5.1 and also upgraded the php to 7.2

but I'm running into the following errors:

1) Files can be uploaded but no thumbnails are generated into the file manager.
also there's no way to edit, replace or add attribute information to the images.

Is this due to using GD library and should i instead choose the ImageMagick library?

2) When I go into the Automated Jobs and try to regenerate thumbnails, file manager generates an error and won't clear until I delete the site (and thumbnail) cache.

Any ideas as to what's going on?

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growlrooed replied on at Permalink Reply
If anyone is running into a similar issue. I found 1/2 of the reason for the issue:

I switched the image library to using ImageMagick then I switched using browsers from Chrome to Firefox. I'n guessing one of the security settings in Chrome was stopping the jquery to load properly.

Now as for the errors with generating file thumbnails I still haven't figured that out...