File Manager versions and file download URL


I've been struggling to figure out how versioning works in File Manager and could use some help.

Using File Manager, if I replace an existing file to which I've added links on my site, the previously created links point to the replaced file (the new version) and that's great. But because the direct URL for the file shown under Properties has changed, I cannot use that direct URL e.g. in a download link sent via email, and take advantage of the replace functionality in File Manager.

I read elsewhere that I can use the download URL instead of the direct URL since it's a pointer to the actual file location, which has not changed. That way I can send the link to people and not worry that replacing the file with a new version in File Manager breaks the link or points to the old version. But I cannot seem to get the download URL to show up using the method suggested. When I click on properties and then click on download, a script runs and the download begins, but I never see the actual download URL in my browser in order to be able to copy it. If I right click on download rather then left click, I get an option to copy the link, but all that does is copy this to my clipboard:
How do I find the download URL in File Manager? Does this have something to do with my browser (Safari)?

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kspitzley replied on at Permalink Reply
I would like to know this too - if I figure it out I will post back.
hutman replied on at Permalink Reply
This should be the URL