Form gives error "Access Denied" when trying to edit fields

Under "Pagetypes > Output > Standard values" I created a form (in a Global Area) that has to be on that type of page under the content. But when I try to change a field in the form block it gives me an error "Access Denied".

So I can't edit the fields of the form block at any location.

//// EDIT

I also tried another solution:
Went to "Dashboard > Stack and blocks > Global Area's" then selecting the area and place the form. Everything works, but when I go to a page. I can't edit the field and get a error.
I can edit the form at "Global Area's" with no errors in this case. But I would like to edit the form at any location.

Any Ideas

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pixelhero replied on at Permalink Reply
Also getting this issue, 8.2.1 version, was editing them fine, then all of a sudden it just throws Access Denied at me when editing the global block forms on the page - adding new fields or editing them.
AuroraTim replied on at Permalink Reply
Did anyone fix this bug? Its still happening in version 8.5.2