I need to add an explanation to a form field but I can't see a way to add any text that is not a control. Is there an easy way to do this without building an external form?

And if I build an external form, can I hook it into the DB and the validation code?

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Remo replied on at Permalink Reply
this is funny, I just sent a message to Andrew two days ago asking about their plan for the form block..

I need the same feature! It won't be finished in a few days for sure but once I know that my plans are okay for the core team, I'll start implementing this...

If I do this, I will also get rid of all the table tags.. Or I make a template that allows you to select the layout - label or table
elam replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for the quick response. So if I do a custom form, is there a way to hook into the same functionality with the DB and validation? The form builder makes it's so easy.
stevefister replied on at Permalink Reply
This would be a great addition to the form block. The ability to maybe insert a content block inside the form and add images/text would be very useful.

edinkin replied on at Permalink Reply
I love this CMS it is very simple to use, but forms are let down.

I am not a PHP programmer I changed all tables to labels but I can't find a way to output id as field id in a db this would allow me to style it with css.

If you writing expanded form block how about allowing to add fieldsets, legend and css classes for fields.
kstrange replied on at Permalink Reply
I was wondering if we got rid of the table tags yet somehow,
wasabili replied on at Permalink Reply
Is the plain text function in a form not yet implemented? I can't add a single text in a form …