forum component?

Ok, so, I feel a little bit dumb, but, I cannot find any "forum" component. Where is it? Thanks, Marco.

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squeeze69 replied on at Permalink Reply
...I found the answer in another area.. 5 minutes later. Forget my previous post. Marco.
eOne replied on at Permalink Reply
care 2 share ? :)

I cannot find it either. Also, I am looking for a way to use C5 as bloging device... Help?
frz replied on at Permalink Reply
Forums are being prototyped here. When they're sexier than anything else you could get for free, we're gonna sell em for $55 in the marketplace.

Blogs, bit more of a linguistic challenge than a programatic one. Go make a bunch of pages under a "blog" page. Add a page list, sort by chronilogical - you just made a blog.

If you're asking, will there be a custom interface i can give writers that feels just like wordpres, but builds c5 sites... not any time soon. We've done that in the past for concrete 4 sites and it's not a high priority for us today...

i can see that being an app we build for the marketplace at some point in 2009, but no - c5 is a lot more than a blog.. stop thinking barbies & g.i. joes, start thinking legos.
eOne replied on at Permalink Reply
tnx :)